The Impossible Quizmas Online

The Impossible Quizmas is a mini-instalment at The Impossible Quiz series to celebrate Your Impossible Quiz’s 10th anniversary, for this game having Christmas themes. The miniature quiz comprises 25 questions as a complete with a few variations and there, akin to the way the Christmas Advent Calendar comprises 25 days to count down to, and the only power-ups will be the Skips.
Characters from the prior games, including Chris, make an appearance.The game was first plotted across the 16th of October, 2017 as Splapp-Me-Do posted an image for his Tumblr of a cropped screencap of this game of Chris sporting a Santa hat, even yelling. The caption following it read”Can’t believe how fast this year has really gone. It’ll soon be Chrismas.”

Before in a text article, he softly but formally confirmed that he was operating on an upcoming game as”a small something which will (hopefully) be performed for in time for Christmas”, which he couldn’t say anything else at the present time. The further hiatus or cancellation of The Impossible Dream seems to have been perpetuated as well, having an answered request on his Tumblr soon after the tease being”When do you believe Dream will come out?” With Splapp answering”Probably never